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Gordon Tang has Specialized in Different Kinds of Surgical Procedures

Neurological surgery is a specialist arena. Therefore, if you or for that matter, any one in your family has been suffering from neurological or spinal disorders, you should consider only a specialist for the job. If you were searching for a specialist in the neurological and spinal surgeries, you should consider Gordon Tang in the East Bay region of California.

The good doctor has been a specialist in the field of neurological surgeries and spinal disorders. He has wide experience in the medical arena and has authored more than hundred books. He has won various kinds of awards for his work in the neurological and spinal arena.

Dr. Tang has performed several kinds of procedures on different kinds of patients. He has performed several procedures with successful results such as spinal decompression surgery and spinal fusion. When nonsurgical treatments do not provide successful results, decompression surgeries such as laminectomy and disectomy could be used for treating symptoms or pressure on the spinal cord and nerves inclusive of back pain.

Spinal fusion surgery would be used for stabilizing of spine and reducing back pain. He joined two or more vertebrae together to heal into a single solid bone to counter the pain in the back.


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